Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Garamond Anatomy

Garamond is part of the Old Style classification. The calligraphic qualities it possess' lend it to this classification. These qualities are evident in the pen angle of the stroke. Such as in the stress of the rounded form and the angle of the terminal in relation to the line width. Lets drop some anatomy terms on this letter. Garamond has serifs. Terminal is seen at the top of the stem of the q. It extends a little above the x-height. The bottom of the rounded form hits the baseline. The stem extends downward past the baseline to create the decender. The decender and the serif meet transitionally creating a bracket. The spur is located where the rounded form meets the rectangular stem. Lastly there is the counterform. Look at that beautiful shape. Pretty sexy. Garamond. learn it. study it. love it.

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